AKG – C417L Phantom

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The AKG Model C 417 is an extremely smooth
omnidirectional microphone intended to be worn by speakers
who demand highest audio quality and complete freedom of
movement. It is one of the smallest lavalier microphones
available today and is available in both black and beige
versions for ultimate concealing. Frequency response
extends from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, with a 4 dB rise at 8 kHz for
enhanced intelligibility.
The C 417 can handle sound pressure levels of 126 dB
with only 3% THD and operates with phantom powering over
a range from 9 to 52 Vdc. The C417 has a 10 ft. (3-meter)
cable that is terminated in an XLR-M connector for phantom
powering. The C 417/L has a 5 ft. (1.5-meter) cable
terminated in a mini-XLR-F connector for use with the B 29 L
battery power supply/mixer, MPAIII phantom power adapter,
or with PT 40, -61, -80, -81 wireless transmitters.

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